Five months since Jessica sailed out of Sydney Harbour


Five months since Jessica sailed out of Sydney Harbour on her solo circumnavigation and she has now sailed over 17,250 nautical miles. 

  To further celebrate the five month landmark, Jessica today conversed with the Captain of the Queen Mary 2, who passed on a message of support on behalf of his crew and passengers, many of whom were Australians. The Queen Mary 2 is also travelling in the Indian Ocean, having left Fremantle on Australia’s west coast, heading north to Mauritius.   “It was nice to chat with Captain Nick (Nick Bates). He passed on his best wishes for the rest of my voyage, which was very kind of him,” said Jessica.   Having experienced an uncomfortable swell with 40 knot winds yesterday, conditions have improved today. The swell is still at 4 metres.  On current estimates, Jessica is hoping to pass under Cape Leeuwin in about three weeks time. Unfortunately for all the West Australian supporters hoping to catch a glimpse of Jessica as at this time, she is expected to be sailing a long distance south off the Coast, making any visual contact impossible.  From Cape Leeuwin, it is expected to take a further month for Jessica to reach Sydney.