“Boarding ring® “, para no marearse


Why motion sickness is a sensorial conflict between the view and the balance (internal ear)?

In a mobile, we move with our field of view which is kept in confinement with the mobile. Our field of view doesn’t give any information connected to the earth, and, in the same time, the internal ears well preserve their function: There is sensorial conflict.  Boarding ring® is prescripted not to have this sensorial conflict.  Boarding ring® gives to the eyes the informations of accelerations which aren’t visible in a mobile. It is a « visible internal ear » which use the peripherical way of the retine, it doesn’t disturb the central and voluntary vision. Boarding ring® is used only when there is disturbing sensations and becomes a « boarding pedagogy ». Generally speaking, Boarding ring® allows:1) Quick adaptation

2) No side effect

3) No contra indication

4) Best efficiency 

Clinical tests:With the French national authorities and the binding comity for safety of persons in biomedical research of Rennes (CCPRB de Bretagne), clinical tests are made in health service of french Navy with adult men and women.   The last informations give 95% of efficiency.  A second tests must be realized for anguishes due to internal ear and Mesnières’syndrom.Boarding ring®