PlanetSolar: the boat will be unveiled February 25th!


All PlanetSolar team is pleased to announce the unveiling of the largest boatSolar World! On February 25, 2010, this adventure will live only a key moment in its history.

Info PlanetSolar

Originally PlanetSolar project was a dream of Raphaël Domjan. Five years later, along with Gerard Aboville, which accompany this journey, he will see this project move from dream to reality.  This shipyard Knierim Yachtbau in Kiel (Germany) that released on 25 February, the most large solar boat in the world. This revolutionary catamaran of 30 meters long, 16 meters wide, topped more than 500 m 2 solar photovoltaic panels will be unveiled to the press and guests at an official ceremony of great magnitude.


The days following the inauguration as soon as weather conditions permit, will PlanetSolar launched and will conduct its first test in real conditions. Will follow a European tour May to October 2010. The start of the round the world, meanwhile, planned for spring 2011 in the Mediterranean.You will soon receive an invitation and detailed agenda of this great event. We We look forward to, and welcoming you to this ceremony. PlanetSolar like to take this opportunity to announce a new partner:5 / 5, official supplier PlanetSolarPlanetSolar chose 5 / 5 to be the official supplier of translations for official publications of the project (press releases, website, newsletter …).“5 / 5 is a translation agency – Interpreting – communication in foreign languages based onBrittany, near Rennes (France). It was founded in 1998.  Oriented “multilingual communication,” she first mission to take account of specific countries and regions, before extending the work of its customers internationally.  On the principle of a single point, always present your side, 5 / 5 and is committed to force  proposal in the declination of all your media in foreign languages. From your websites sub -titration and the voiceover of your video, translation layout in Chinese, an accompanying call to a mission in simultaneous interpreting, we accompany daily international growth of your business … “.


The chronology of PlanetSolar:

• February 25, 2010: Completed construction of the boat and first tests

• May-October 2010: European Tour Boat and the Village PlanetSolar

• Spring 2011: Check out the first round of the world solar energy in the Mediterranean.