Nicolas Bérenger takes it !


Slow and steady wins the race…The Longtze European Tour had a gentle start : The Primo Cup-Trophée Crédit Suisse was sailed in a light but extremely technical and demanding breeze last weekend.  Nicolas Bérenger, skipper of   « 1 Maillot pour la Vie » with his faithful accomplices Sylvain Chtounder, Edouard Masse and Olivier Duthoit, took out the Monaco Longtze event and now lead the European circuit.  The second stage of the Longtze European Tour will take place in May at the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale.

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” As always in the Longtze, the heats were difficult and hard fought.  We had the advantage of the crew being well acquainted with each other, we communicate easily and we are starting to understand the boat…It’s the 3rd time we’ve taken the Primo Cup with Sylvain and Edouard ( and the second time in a Longtze), that of-course helped us alot “ explains Nicolas Bérenger.
“ But we take nothing for granted ! Eckhard Kaller (Wet Feet) is not far behind us ( the German team is second by 6 points), the newcomers still have something to say and lots more skippers are interested in the Longtze and are wanting to join the circuit.  At Lanvéoc we should be about 20 odd…each stage of the European circuit will be full of surprises !” , underlines the Longtze Premier winner of the Primo Cup.


Also on the podium at The Primo Cup-Trophée Crédit Suiss were the Germans from “Wet Feet” , led by Eckhard Kaller, pioneers of the Longtze circuit, and a new crew “ Voiles et Voiliers” , skippered by Laurent Berjon.  At each stage of the Longtze European Tour, this team will welcome aboard a journalist from “ Voiles et Voiliers” and a competition winner.


“It makes you want to assemble a crew !”
Once again the Longtze Premier was the hot topic of conversation and attracted the attention of many an expert, the likes of Jimmy Pahun, several times winner of the Tour de France à la Voile, he was sailing on board the Longtze Premier from « team HEC Ecole Navale » : “ I really enjoyed discovering the Longtze.  To cross through the fleets of the other series and pass everyone at speed, it was great! I admit I was a little apprehensive about getting back into a “little” boat…but this weekend’s regatta made me want to put together a crew !”


An ideal support network for future Champions…
Amongst the newcomers, the team HEC Ecole Navale, led by Stéphane Christidis, sailed a great race by coming in 4th place : “we had a very good crew”, confirms Hervé Gautier, team leader, “the boat is very interesting, technically there is lots to learn, it is an ideal vehicle to train young champions!  We will take two crews to the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale :  the one from l’Ecole Navale led by Stéphane, and another flying the HEC colours.”


A perfect race
All 14 of the Longtze Premier crews appreciated the welcome and excellent organisation at the Primo Cup.  In spite of the difficult weather conditions (light unstable winds and a heavy chop), they sailed every day.  And on shore “ everything was perfect !”, commented the sailors.


Who could have hoped for better for the kick-off of the 2nd Longtze European Tour, than an exciting and “perfect” first leg, manageable conditions, technical and tactical… so what new developments to come?


The date is set for the second round of the Longtze European Tour which promises to be more open and hotly contested than ever : take to your Longtze!


Provisional ranking of the Longtze European Tour after 1 event
1 –  FRA 820 – UN MAILLOT POUR LA VIE – BERENGER Nicolas – 10 points
2 –  GER 824 –
WWW.WET FEET.DE –  KALLER Eckhard – 16 points
3 – FRA 818 – VOILES ET VOILIERS – BERJON Laurent  – 23 points
4 – FRA 833 – ECOLE NAVALE HEC SAILING TEAM – CHRISTIDIS  Stephane – 29 points 
5 – FRA 830 – OVIK – GIROLET Matthieu – 35 points
6 –  FRA 819 – P’TIT PIDUCE – SAILLY Laurent – 43 points
7 – SUI 816 – CARISSIMA – ZILTENER Markus – 46 points
8 – SUI 825 – SHENSU – WIELAND Jarmo – 48 points
9 – FRA 822 – ATHEMA – CLAUDE Philippe – 48 points
10 – RUS 804 – RASSKAZOV Dmitriy – 59 points
11 – FRA 82 – SAUVAGE – SAUVAGE Emmanuel  – 72 points
12 – RUS 806 – IVANOVSKIY Vladislav – 75 points
13 – SUI 811 – FELIX SOMM – SOMM Felix – 88 points
14 – FRA 821 FR.SAILING.COM – 105 points