Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges to offer offshore training sessions on the ECO 60 Spirit of Canada


Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges today announced that a number of training sessions with Derek Hatfield on the ECO 60 Spirit of Canada will be offered to individual crewmembers during the summer of 2010 as Derek trains for the upcoming Velux 5 Oceans starting in October 2010.

Info Spirit of Canada

 Crewmembers will be able to experience a full blown Open 60 first hand in open ocean conditions. The sessions will include transatlantic voyages between France and Canada, offshore training and racing between Halifax and St. Pierre Miquelon; a French island off the coast of Newfoundland; and Bermuda.  

The training sessions are planned in 3 separate duration categories; 15 day, 7 day and 3 day periods and are for individuals of all levels of sailing skills. Crewmembers can expect to learn about aspects of preparing for shorthanded cruising and racing including the setup of the boat, nutrition, sleep patterns, weather analysis, safety at sea, shorthanded sail selection, medical emergency procedures, navigation and communications.

For further information regarding booking an offshore training session on Spirit of Canada, please contact Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges at: info@spiritofcanada.net 

Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges Offshore Training Schedule 2010:

1. France to Halifax – May 1st to May 15th – 15 days

2. Halifax to Saint-Pierre Miquelon – June 5th to 7th – 3 days


3. Saint-Pierre Miquelon to Halifax – June 9th to 11th – 3 days


4. Halifax to Bermuda – June 20th to 27th – 7 days


5. Bermuda to Halifax – July 1st to 7th – 7 days


6. Route Halifax Saint Pierre – Race – July 10th – 3 days


7. Saint-Pierre Miquelon to Halifax – July 15th – 3 days


8. Halifax to La Rochelle France – Sept 12th – 26th – 15 days